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Igor Dimitrijević
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24, an IT graduate from Serbia, first of all an artist, an optimistic soul, audiophile for life, full-time Web developer, desktop/mobile developer, Photoshop addict.
Always smiling Grin

Started coding at 15, first started with HTML (actually WML) & CSS. Then, moved on to JavaScript, and finally PHP.
Haven't used any of the popular libraries, since I like to do all the heavy work by myself. That's why I wrote my own library, codenamed Luna (for more info click here).
Afterwards, moved on to mobile development, started coding in Basic4PPC for Windows Mobile, and I'm planning to start coding in Java, targetting the almighty Android.
Next, moved on to desktop applications development; started with Pascal, then Delphi, then C, C++, and C#.

Note: also did some work in JSP, Bash, Batch, and Basic.

That's it, folks.

Igor Dimitrijević - SkyFlyer